What is Drive for Life?

The Drive for Life program offers disadvantaged young people the opportunity to achieve the mandatory hours necessary to obtain their P1 provisional driver licence in a safe and positive environment. Drive for Life offers the skills necessary to drive safely, responsibly and defensively for life.

The Salvation Army Youth Outreach Service recently identified a need for this program due to the number of young people we engage with who, for various reasons, are unable to accrue their logbook hours and witnessing the negative flow-on effect this has on those young people and their families.

Why we need this program

The Australian states and territories have introduced the Graduated Licencing Scheme, which means young people have to accrue at least 100 supervised hours of driving experience before they can get their driver licence.


While this change is welcome, and has seen a positive result in the decreased number of road fatalities, it does present barriers for those young people who do not have access to a vehicle nor an adult supervisor to assist them in accruing the 100 hours.

There are numerous setbacks for young people who cannot get their licence, such as difficulty in finding employment, transport to school and attending health appointments, just to name a few. This can lead to more significant issues for the young person, their families and communities.

Our goal is to equip young people who are struggling to:

  • Learn road safety

  • Obtain their learner licence and provisional driver licence

  • Pursue their goals in life

  • Connect with their local community

How the program works

  • We identify a young person and assess their suitability for the program (aged 16-25 years).

  • We assist them to obtain their learner driver permit, if needed.

  • The young person is then provided with about 10 hours driving experience with a qualified instructor, which equates to 30 hours logbook time. This gives the learner the necessary road skills and awareness needed to continue their driving with a volunteer mentor.

  • A volunteer mentor is identified for the learner driver, who provides safe and positive driving supervision until the learner accrues their 100 hours driving experience. This may look like about 1-2 hours driving per week.

  • We provide the vehicle and the necessary resources to operate it, including fuel and insurance.  We also breathalyse young people and operate cameras that record inside and outside the vehicle. 

  • We provide coaching and support for both the mentor and the learner driver.

  • We want to facilitate a mission which can benefit other members of the community  e.g. taking the elderly to a doctor’s appointment.


This is as much about engaging both young people and mentors in their community as it is about licensing; we know that feeling part of a community assists with building a sense of belonging, improved mental health, developing pro-social behaviours and connecting to a shared social responsibility.

What we hope to achieve

The Drive for Life program will have two main purposes;

Assisting a young person to get their licence;

  • Increased employability

  • Better able to get to school/work

  • Able to support their family with transport

  • Increased independence

  • Feelings of achievement after reaching a goal

  • Having another identification document

  • Better able to get to health/mental health appointments

  • Better able to contribute to their community

  • More able to engage with their friends and community, therefore becoming less socially isolated

  • Increased knowledge about driving safely and living out social responsibility

  • A reduction in road traffic crashes for provisional licence holders


Supporting vulnerable community members with transport and errands; 

  • Young people learn about and achieve a sense of social responsibility

  • Driving will be purposeful and intentional

  • Learning about the importance of time management, keeping appointments and commitments to others

  • That key stakeholders can be acknowledged and endorsed by having their logo on the cars to promote their business.

  • To create a hub of like-minded people both old and young that can do a little bit of life together and enjoy it as much as possible.

Who can be involved

Community engagement and committed volunteers is crucial to the successful operation of the program. We welcome involvement, feedback and support from our learner drivers, volunteers, stakeholders and interested parties that are part of the local community.  The YOS team are excited about the potential for helping young people through this program and any eligible person between 16 - 25 years can participate.

If you wish to be involved or find out more, please select from the options below or contact us directly via the details at the bottom of the page;

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"This initiative at Stafford is supported by funding from the Queensland Government's Community Road Safety Grants scheme, The Salvation Army and Viertel Charitable Foundation"

Interested in becoming involved?

Click here to find out more information about:

- Learning to drive

- Volunteering

- Support opportunities

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